OUT 9/11/19: Gryffen #7 and Heavenly Blues #1 & #2!

Gryffen 7 digital_ig.jpg

Today is a triple shot of Ben Kahn and Bruno Hidalgo on Comixology! I’ve been very lucky to work with this team on two series now, and we have issues of both releasing for New Comic Book Day.

First, Gryffen: Galaxy’s Most Wanted returns with the start of the series’ second half. Admiral Hunter will never stop chasing the Al-Haytham, so Gryffen and crew begin a journey to where it all began: the edge of the galaxy, where Gryffen originally disappeared.

Ben Kahn (Writer), Bruno Hidalgo (Art and Color), Sal Cipriano (Letters)
September 11, 14p, 99¢, Digital-First

On their way to the edge of the galaxy, site of Lyla Gryffen’s final mission for the Reach, the crew of the Al-Haytham discover a world that the Reach has newly colonized. Naturally, a stop to incite some anarchy is in order! Plus: more clues to just what Gryffen’s whole deal is.

Issue #7, like all previous issues, is just 99¢, and the serialization is exclusive to Comixology. Published by Starburns Press.

Then, Heavenly Blues gets its first-ever digital release, just in time for this weekend’s Small Press Expo, where the series is nominated for Outstanding Series! Illicit Press is teaming up with print publisher Scout Comics to bring you two issues a week for the rest of September.

Tired of eternally torturing sinners and ready to spit in the face of judgement, the souls of the greatest thieves in Hell are teaming up to pull the ultimate heist on Heaven! Betrayed bank robber Isaiah Johnson is aiming for one last shot at greatness. Pre-teen scam artist Erin Foley is desperate to lash out at the judgement system that damned her. When a disreputable angel comes offering a deal too good to be true, this unlikely duo gets the chance they’ve been waiting for. Assembling a crew of broken souls from across time, they form a force nothing in Heaven or Hell can withstand.

Try out the full-length issue #1 for just 99¢, and subsequent issues are just $1.99! If you prefer print, the TPB is available at finer comics stores.


Gryffen 7 digitalGryffen 7 page 1Gryffen 7 page 2Gryffen 7 page 3Gryffen 7 page 4

Heavenly Blues 1 digital

HB1 DIG page 9 story 7HB1 DIG page 10 story 8thieves_issue1_page9thieves_issue1_page10thieves_issue1_page11thieves_issue1_page12thieves_issue1_page13Heavenly Blues 2 digital

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