Brendan is a smart guy! He’s got that outside insight you need when you are working on a project to propel you all the way through it! One of my favorite editors to work with!”

Franco Aureliani, creator of Dino-Mike, writer/artist of Aw Yeah Comics, writer of Tiny TitansItty Bitty Hellboy, and Spot on Adventure

I like Brendan!
Working with him was fun! I’m a fan!
I showed Brendan my creator owned characters and he liked them!
He can be my editor anytime!
You’re a good man!”

Art Baltazar, writer/artist of Aw Yeah Comics, Tiny Titans, Itty Bitty Hellboy, Patrick the Wolf Boy

A thoughtful editor, easy to work with, Brendan has been my partner in making good comics.”

Faith Erin Hicks, creator of The Nameless CityFriends with Boys, and The Adventures of Superhero Girl; cowriter/artist of The Last of Us: American Dreams; and artist of Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

Brendan Wright is damn good at his job. The next time I put together a team for a comics project, he’s top of my list for editors.”

Dan Jolley, writer of JSA: The Liberty FileBloodhoundFirestorm, and Prototype 2, cowriter of LARP!

There’s no better feeling than having a project go to press, knowing that Brendan spent at least as much time as I did thinking about it and turning it ’round and ’round to make it the best story it could be. A true collaborator and coconspirator!”

Matt Kindt, creator of 3 StoryMIND MGMT, and Dept. H, cocreator of PistolwhipPastAways, and Divinity

Brendan Wright is a terrific editor. He helped me shape Black Hammer and has continued to work with me on Descender and Plutona and future projects. I love working with him!”

Jeff Lemire, creator of Sweet ToothTrillium, and The Underwater Welder, writer of All-New HawkeyeBloodshot Reborn, and Descender

Brendan Wright’s expert editing skills guided me through the interaction with a major publisher in creating my new graphic novel Dream Gang. Apart from suggesting better scene construction and dialogue in places, he also ensured—and this is important if you’re a freelancer—that my invoices were wired on time and promptly dealt with any glitches.

“He has a good rapport and instinctively ‘gets’ the nuances of character and plot. He understands the production process of story outline to script, through to art and lettering. It was a pleasure to work with him, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use Brendan Wright’s services in the future. He’s a highly skilled professional editor.”

Brendan McCarthy, cowriter of Mad Max: Fury Road, creator of Dream Gang and The Deleted, cocreator of ParadaxFreak Wave, and The Zaucer of Zilk

Brendan’s editing skills bend with the project—he knows when to get out of the way, and when to dive in front of a story bullet. Very happy with the work we did together.”

Jeff Parker, writer of X-Men: First ClassAgents of Atlas, BuckoMysterius the Unfathomable, and Flash Gordon

When I started working with Brendan on Usagi Yojimbo and other projects, he was a very capable assistant editor learning under Diana Schutz. He has matured as an editor in his own right, one with whom I would welcome the opportunity to work again. He is very detail oriented and is great at followthrough, whether it be to answer small questions from me or deal with catastrophes from the printer. He is very easy to work with and get along with. I enthusiastically give him my highest recommendation, whether it be for a small project, an entire series, or graphic novel.”

Stan Sakai, creator of Usagi Yojimbo and The Adventures of Nilson Groundthumper and Hermy, artist of 47 Ronin

It takes a special combination of patience, guidance, attention to detail, and willingness to trust an artist’s instincts to make an excellent editor. Brendan has all of these, plus an inquisitive sensitivity to theme that makes him a rare and welcome collaborator.”

Matthew Southworth, artist of StumptownThe Amazing Spider-Man, and Thunderbolts, writer/artist of Creepy Comics

I was lucky enough to work with Brendan on my graphic novel Heart In A Box (Dark Horse) and found him to be the best kind of editor—the editor that helps when you need it, knows when you need help before you do, knows when you need help even when you’re in denial that you do, and also knows when to get the hell out of the way. He has a great mind and a patient heart for shepherding a comic book (and its creators) through that very tough gauntlet of creating and publishing comics.”

Kelly Thompson, writer/creator of Heart in a Box, writer of A-ForceJem and the Holograms, and Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps

In my experience working with Brendan, I found him to be insightful, creative, thoughtful, fun, and professional. Not only does he help bring out your best, but he invests his best as well, ensuring the final product is as good as it can possibly be.”

Pete Woods, artist of Deadpool, Robin, Terminator SalvationCops for Criminals, and Cryptocracy