Book announcement: Dare2Draw New Talent Mentoring Anthology!


Been quietly plugging away at this since January, so I am thrilled it’s out in the world now. I’m very proud that the wonderful nonprofit Dare2Draw reached out to me to edit the inaugural issue of their New Talent Mentoring Anthology, and it has been a joy working with the up-and-coming artists D2D recruited for this showcase. We’ve paired each artist with a pro writer to give them a unique chance to learn, be seen, and put a paid art gig on their resumes, and the results so far have been excellent.

Looking even further into the future these artists will help make, the initial volume’s lineup also boasts a pair of artists currently finishing their studies at the Joe Kubert School, and the school has been instrumental in making the book a reality.

In addition, we are privileged to have the backing of Mike Baron and Steve Rude and the use of their creation, Nexus, which I was lucky enough to work on at Dark Horse as well. There will be a different creator-owned character at the center of each annual anthology, and the lineup so far is amazing, with each selection on the level of Nexus!

That’s about all I can say for now, but keep an eye out for teaser art from our talented newcomers and announcements of the pro writers involved very soon, plus word on where and when the book is debuting and how you can get a copy!

In case you are unfamiliar with Dare2Draw, check out their website. In addition to the anthology, D2D host regular events designed to provide mentoring, networking, and the joy of comics to artists new and established. They’re doing great work!