Story Editing

As a fully trained editor with years in the profession, I can work with you to take your project to the next level. Just like how I worked when I was a staff editor, I evaluate outlines, scripts, art, colors, and lettering for clarity, voice, character, and aesthetics and provide constructive notes and ideas for the best possible way to tell your story. I can guide a project from outline to completed comic or come in at specific stages in need of polishing.

Story/Pitch Consulting

If you need help making sure a project is ready to show to a prospective publisher, I provide shorter-term consulting on scripts and art to make sure everything is professional and inviting. I also read pitches and give feedback on message and organization, based on my years as a staff editor, during which I read thousands of pitches and developed a strong understanding of what elements get pitches read and sent up the ladder.


Sometimes all you need is that final spot check before sending a project out the door. I am an experienced proofreader and provide copy editing on scripts, lettering, and design pages.

Crowdfunding Consulting

Either in conjunction with editing your project, or as a standalone service, I work side by side with creators to plan, write, and promote crowdfunding campaigns. You’ll receive feedback on your project video and writeup, ideas for reward levels, additional social media push, and an advocate to comics websites for interview and features.